Ginny has been in real estate over 35 years working mainly as a consultant expert in acquisitions in the governmental arena. As such, she has extensive knowledge and ability to understand and work through land title, land use, zoning, valuation, contracting, litigation, permitting and environmental issues, as well as closing complex transactions. She has:
  • Acquired or supervised the acquisition of over 600 properties
  • Earned the designation of Senior, Right of Way Associate (SR/WA)
  • First foreclosure property acquired in 1987
  • Real estate broker over 30 years
  • Started first of five (5) businesses in 1984
  • Commercial & residential real estate appraiser six (6)+ years (during Savings & Loan Crisis)
  • Worked in highly litigious & contentious environments (eminent domain) 22+/- years
  • Supervised demolition and/or cut and refacing of over 100 buildings
  • Versed working with asbestos abatement and various remediation solutions
  • Renovated homes 5+ years
  • Currently holds rentals in Florida and Texas
  • Limited Partner 544 units in Houston, TX
  • General Partner 117 units Jacksonville, FL
  • Certified in proposal and grant writing, Rollins College
  • Attended numerous real estate and leadership workshops

Ginny is known for her calm, collaborative style, building relationships, zest for data, and communicating difficult concepts well.  She has a passion for community development, redevelopment, repurposing property, and certain philanthropic endeavors.  She has served in an advisory capacity for Orlando’s Grant Professionals Network, she currently serves on the Board of Valhalla Villas, a venture developing housing for adults with autism, and previously served on the Board of ASGO, the Autism Society of Greater Orlando.  Ginny has written some grant applications and won at least one for ASGO and conducted many fundraisers for various nonprofits.  One of her businesses in the 1980s performed real estate research specializing in feasibility studies and she excels in research.  Ginny is known for having a considerable contact network and connects with leaders in real estate and other industries of interest.